Atlantic Coast Hotel, Westport, Co. Mayo

This is a nice Carlton hotel.  The room, which I stayed in, is allocated the wheelchair room.  We had to move the bed so I could get the wheelchair alongside, this was after moving the dresser table so I could get into the room.  The room had a double and a single bed in already tight room.  The toilet was the next battle.  There was a 3 inch lip at the door to manoeuvre firstly, and then move a locker out, that was placed in the way of the toilet.  Then we looked at the shower.  It had a seat fixed to the wall but there was a grab rail at your back?   When we said it to the lady on reception she said that they never had any complaints!  Am I too fussy???    This hotel has a Spa, but it’s up 9 steps with a hand rail and then down 3 steps with no rail.  They are not insured to do a treatment in your room but you get out of your chair and fly down!  They have had lots of people down there and never any complaints???

Entry – 8

Room & Toilet – 4

Parking – 7


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