Covered car parks

I’m just back from the shops, and got drenched in the process!  This time of year you need to go to a shop with a cover on the car parking spaces.  This cover would protect you from all elements while you get out of the car and get yourself organised.  There are some car parks that I know of that I have listed and I could do with your feedback on others that you have found!

  • Dundrum Shopping Centre
  • Ikea, Dublin
  • Ashleaf Shopping Centre, Cromwellsfort Rd, Crumlin Cross, Crumlin, Dublin 12.
  • Aldi, Belgard Square West, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Some coverage but some exposed

  • The Square, Tallaght, Dublin 24
  • New Maharajah, Tallaght, Dublin 24
  • Tamara’s, Tallaght, Dublin 24
  • Blazin Grill, Tallaght, Dublin 24
  • Aldi, Belgard Square W. Tallaght, Dublin 24

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